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Poughkeepsie, NY  |  800-554-1406,845-452-6000

Schatz Bearings is a leading manufacturer of precision linear motion products and solutions. The company has been providing high-quality bearings for over 100 years and has become renowned for its expertise in the design and manufacture of linear bearings.

Schatz Bearings offers a wide range of linear bearings for a variety of industries, including medical, semiconductor, automation,...

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Bloomfield, NY  |  800-642-6446

Velmex Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision linear motion control products and systems based in Bloomfield, New York. Since its inception in 1967, Velmex has been committed to delivering innovative and high-quality products to a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, and manufacturing.

At the core of Velmex's product portfolio is their...

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Companies Serving Near New York

Bethel, CT  |  203-778-2727

With a multitude of bearing and slide designs available, both standard and custom designed models, Del-Tron Precision Inc. is proud to be a one-stop shopping experience for customers with linear motion needs. Products include basic linear bearings and associated designs. Our greatest strength is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for equipment.

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. $$$

Rocky Hill, CT  |  860-571-3602

At Hartford Technologies, we take pride in our commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, positioning ourselves as a leading provider of linear bearings. With a rich history rooted in excellence, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible, delivering high-performance linear bearings that cater to diverse industrial needs.

Our linear bearings...

Hartford Technologies $$$

Middlebury, CT  |  800-243-6125

We specialize in manufacturing linear bearings and linear motion components. Serve a wide range of industries and markets with our high-quality linear motion components.

PIC® Design $$$

Bethel, CT  |  800-447-2042

Tusk Direct, Inc. specializes in the supply of the highest quality linear motion components, like linear ball bearings and crossed roller slides, heavy duty crossed & low profile roller tables, linear actuators multi axis positioning stages, recirculating slide guides, crossed roller rail sets, TA linear actuators, TPS positioners, econorails, auto stages, dovetail slides, ball bearing...

Tusk Direct, Inc. $$$

Charlotte, NC  |  800-477-5002

Duff-Norton is a global leader in providing linear motion and power transmission solutions, including linear bearings, for a wide range of industrial applications. The company was founded in 1883 and has since developed a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable and high-quality products.

Duff-Norton's linear bearings are designed to provide smooth and accurate linear motion for a...

Duff-Norton Company $$$

Charlotte, NC  |  800-614-9598

Latta Equipment Company, Inc. offers vacuums designed for the industrial workplace. These rugged, portable and central industrial vacuums are a proven solution for the cleanup of any workspace or jobsite. HEPA; Electric, air, battery and gasoline powered vacuums; sump vacuums; Custom solutions available. Please give one of our representatives a call today!

Latta Equipment Company, Inc. $$$

Charlotte, NC  |  800-256-9033

Livingston & Haven is a leading industrial distributor and service provider of mechanical components and systems, with a focus on linear bearings. For over 70 years, they have been providing innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service to their clients across various industries.

Livingston & Haven's Linear Bearings division specializes in the distribution and service of a...

Livingston & Haven $$$

Mooresville, NC  |  800-526-2353

MMB Bearings is a leading company in the bearing industry, providing a wide range of bearings and related products to customers across various industries. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, MMB Bearings has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses in need of reliable bearing solutions.

One of the key areas of expertise for MMB Bearings is...

MMB Bearings $$$

Charlotte, NC  |  800-763-4434

P.T. International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of linear motion products and services worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, P.T. International has built a reputation for providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions.

One of P.T. International's core products is their extensive range of linear bearings. These ...

P.T. International Corp. $$$

Cleveland, OH  |  800-321-8072

Cleveland Motion Controls is a leading manufacturer and supplier of linear motion control products, including linear bearings, actuators, and motion control systems. Founded in 1972, the company has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and innovative products that meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications.

Cleveland Motion Controls'...

Cleveland Motion Controls, Inc. $$$

Cleveland, OH  |  800-321-7800

Nook Industries is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of linear motion systems, providing a wide range of linear bearing products and services. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Nook Industries has a long history of delivering reliable and high-quality products to their customers, making them a trusted brand in the...

Nook Industries, Inc. $$$

Valley City, OH  |  800-966-1470

Northlake Steel Corporation started in 1977 as a 10,000 square foot facility in Mentor, Ohio with a handful of machines and operators, producing turned, ground, and polished steel shafting. In 1979, we relocated to a 45,000 square foot facility in Valley View, Ohio. To complement the existing services already offered, we added additional centerless turning and induction hardening...

Northlake Steel Corporation $$$

Waynesboro, VA  |  800-323-2138

Since we were founded in 1981, Hathaway has been a service-oriented supplier of janitorial supplies and equipment. We distribute products from industry leaders to ensure that our customers get the product that best meets their needs. Our large product line includes ride-on floor machines, industrial vacuums, scrubbers, sweepers, buffers, extractors, floor maintenance chemicals and much more.

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Linear Bearings Power Pages

Linear Bearings

Linear Bearings

Linear bearings are a type of bearing that "bear" or support the load of the carriage during its single-axis linear movement and provide a low friction sliding surface for the guide rails. In a linear guide, the carriage is the component that travels in a straight line, back and forth, along the length of the guide rail...

Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

A linear actuator is a means for converting rotational motion into push or pull linear motion, which can be used for lifting, dropping, sliding, or tilting of machines or materials. They provide safe and clean...

Linear Slides

Linear Slides

Linear slides, also referred to as linear guides or linear-motion bearings, are types of bearings that allow smooth and near-frictionless motion in a single axis. Machine tools, robots, actuators, sensors, and other mechanical equipment often require moving components in a straight line in any of the three-dimensional axes...

Ball Bearings

Deep Grove Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are types of rolling-elements bearings that carry loads, reduce friction, and position moving machine parts while facilitating motion. They reduce surface contact and friction across moving planes by...

Ball Screws

Ball Screws

Ball screws are mechanical linear actuators that consist of a screw shaft and a nut that contain a ball that rolls between their matching helical grooves. The primary function of ball screws is to convert rotational motion to linear motion. Ball nuts are used in...

Lead Screw

Lead Screws

A lead screw is a kind of mechanical linear actuator that converts rotational motion into linear motion. Its operation relies on the sliding of the screw shaft and the nut threads with no ball bearings between them...

Linear Rails

Linear Rails

Linear Rails are ideal for moving items through a production process with great precision and as little friction as possible if creating, packing, and distributing products. Linear Rail is a type of gadget that...

Linear Motion Products

Linear Motion Products

High-precision, linear motion goods are essential components at the core of several items which are generally used in machine tools and equipment for manufacturing semiconductors. These items are utilized...

12 Volt Linear Actuators

12 Volt Linear Actuators

A linear actuator is a device that transforms rotational motion into push or pull linear motion, which can then be used to lift, lower, slide, or tilt machinery or materials. They offer effective, maintenance-free motion control...

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