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Miniature bearings are also known as instrument bearings. They are almost exclusively produced in stainless steel and are used in high-load applications. Read More…

Miniature Linear Bearings Miniature linear bearings are less than 10 millimeters in inner diameter and designed to provide low friction motion in one straight direction.

Ball & crossed roller slides, multi-axis positioning stages, motor-ready lead screw stages, air actuators, recirculating slide guides, crossed roller rail sets. Subminiature & heavy duty, straight line design & recirculating. Custom design available. Website life/load calculators CAD drawings. Our greatest strength is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for equipment.

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Linear motion components, assemblies for automated equipment. Ball & crossed roller slides, linear bearings, economic linear bearings, Teflon linear bearings, multi-axis positioners, subminiature to heavy-duty, long travel available. Same-day ship, life-load calculators, CAD drawings. Call before noon & you will be working with your products the next day. We want TUSK to be the name you think of!

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Isotech is a distributor of precision linear motion components -- crossed roller linear bearings, ball slide assemblies, crossed roller slide tables, motorized tables, position stages and more.

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At Hartford Technologies, we take pride in our commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, positioning ourselves as a leading provider of linear bearings. With a rich history rooted in excellence, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible, delivering high-performance linear bearings that cater to diverse industrial needs.

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Chrome Miniature Bearings

With a steel retainer and the right lubrication, chrome steel tiny bearings can be used in temperatures from 120°C to 150°C. However, chromium steel’s load capacity decreases at higher temperatures. Chrome steel should not be used for small bearings in corrosive situations because chrome steel is not corrosion-resistant. Miniature bearings made of chrome steel are protected from moisture by a layer of preservative oil. It is not advised to use chrome steel bearings in a dry environment because they are prone to corrosion.


Condensation inside the protective packing may cause corrosion during storage or transportation. In addition, a dry bearing cannot have protective oil sprayed on its exterior since the protective oil would seep inside and render the bearing no longer "dry." Most miniature bearings made of chrome steel can be delivered open or with metal shields. Manufacturers may offer larger sizes with low friction, non-contact rubber seals, or contact seals made of rubber.

Applications of Miniature Bearings

Small bearings are good for high-speed applications. These bearings provide modest performance levels regarding frictional torque, noise, and vibration. One may find small bearings in aerospace model drones, miniature motors, pan-tilt motors, dental drills, crushers, stepper motors, massage chairs, push rod motors, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, or precision instruments.


Tiny bearings can accommodate radial, thrust, and combination loads. They’re often used in tape recorders, precision instruments, domestic appliances, and fractional horsepower motors. Many manufacturers offer miniature bearings for pulley, guide roller, and pinch roll applications with various bore diameters. Miniature bearings offer the benefits of low inertia, low torque, accurate running characteristics, and less wobble.

Benefits of Miniature Bearings

Miniature precise bearings help save space in semiconductors, medical instrumentation, and other equipment. They eliminate friction between pieces that must move independently. Bearings provide smooth inner and exterior surfaces for balls to roll against to reduce friction. These balls or rollers "transport" the weight so that the apparatus may spin smoothly. Thin and tiny ball bearings are widely used in robotics because of their design advantages.

Miniature bearings are lightweight and require very little storage space. They’re easy to install, assemble, or disassemble. A simplified production process makes bearings affordable. However, these small items have a powerful effect. Bearings can dampen vibrations to soften the sound of operating machines. In addition, they can support weight for a long time.

Challenges of Miniaturization

Miniature bearings are flexible but pose maintenance and flexibility issues; the smaller the bearing, the more vital it is to be aware of these issues. Miniature bearings require regular maintenance to ensure longevity and smooth performance. Regular lubrication or built-in bearing lubrication is crucial to ensuring this.

Additionally, the sizing and capacity options for miniature bearings are constrained, which poses a problem for higher-load projects. Make sure the necessary bearings or customization services are available if the application calls for various sizes or widths.

Depending on the design and use of the bearings, they may require additional cooling. Consistent lubrication is essential for keeping the bearings in good condition. Finding small bearing options may take time, making it difficult to finish a workable project.

Choosing the Correct Miniature Bearing Supplier

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing a miniature bearing from a miniature bearing supplier, it is important to compare at least four suppliers using our miniature bearing directory. Each miniature bearing supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each miniature-bearing company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple miniature-bearing companies with the same quote.

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