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A linear motion bearing is a type of bearing used in rotating parts and nearly every machine or product that has rotating parts uses a bearing of some kind to help facilitate the rotational movement of the product. While there are many different kinds of linear motion bearing bearings, customers often have the choice between choosing a rolling bearing or a plain bearing. Both kinds of bearings have their own unique features that make them ideal for certain applications.

Rolling bearings: A rolling bearing has two bearing rings with integral raceways. The rolling elements are placed between the rings and travel along the raceways. A cage guides the rotation of the bearings and prevents them from touching. A rolling bearing can be sealed on one or both sides, or completely open. Generally, roller bearings are used for larger diameters and higher load capacities than plain bearings.
Plain bearings: A plain bearing has many of the same components as rolling bearings, but the movable components slide on a strip or shaft on a static bearing bush. This kind of bearing must be lubricated to function properly. Usually, plain bearings run quietly and work best with slow rotary motion at a variety of temperature ranges. They also are ideal for use in space limiting applications, and are the most common form of bearing used with industrial equipment and machines.

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